HSS is the leading classic boat club in Finland

HSS has the largest fleet of classic keelboats in Finland. Oldest of the boats, skerry cruiser Gun, being from 1911 and the newest, 8mR Luna from 2012. During the last century, a lot of sailing history has been made at HSS. Today we have many different types of classic keelboats - from pure racing boats to cruising boats. Among them are boats that have participated in olympic sailings (6mR May Be IV and 8mR Ilderim, Kiel 1936), boats that have significant cultural historic value (skerry cruiser Ursula, sea cruiser Aura) and many classics maintained and restored with piety.

The HSS Classic Yacht Committee pursues to adduce and record the Finnish sailing history and to give advice in maintaining, restoring and storing classic boats.

Video from the 2014 Champagne Regatta: http://vimeo.com/108874668 (in Finnish)



For more information about classics and the Classic Yacht Committee contact Heikki Häyhä heikki.hayha(at)metropolia.fi 050-5830030

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Photo: Jorma Rautapää