About HSS

HSS juniors getting sailing instructions. HSS is the leading Junior Club in Finland (Picture Esko Kilpi)

Today Helsingfors Segelsällskap, HSS Yacht Club is

  • The leading junior yacht club with over 150 sailing juniors participating in HSS extensive junior training program
  • The club also has Finland’s most extensive sailing center for adults - AUDI HSS Sail Center – intended for adults of various ages, who want to sail and practice but not possess a boat of their own. The center has 28 boats, freely available for the members of the center. High quality coaching is provided for beginners as well as for advanced sailors.
  • HSS also has one of the largest fleets of classic yachts in the Nordics with 80 classic boats in the harbor
  • In comparison with all the other yacht clubs in the country HSS has the largest proportion of members that practice and compete with boats of the club or their own
  • The largest group of HSS members is though the long distance cruisers, who make active use of the two out/picnic habors
  • HSS is among the oldest and the fourth largest yacht club in Finland, and there are about 1400 members and 350 boats. The club was established in 1893, to counterbalance the NJK yacht club, considered to be reserved for the elite of Helsinki in those days. This was not attractive for the raising, Swedish speaking middle-class of the city.
  • HSS home harbor is located at the Liuskasaari island, in front of the Merisatama in Helsinki. For the guests there is a guest harbor with full service for twenty boats in the home harbor at Liuskasaari.
  • In the members’ possession are also the excusion- and etape islands Andö in the Inkoo archipelago and Getören in the Porvoo archipelago.
  • At HSS the working and training language is Swedish with Finnish and English in addition
  • HSS is a club for both competition- and long distance sailing, with traditions for over 120 years. We have grown intensely over the last years. The primary reasons for the growth have been the rapid development of the junior activities and training oriented sailing for adults. 

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The HSS Club Committee knows all about great food (Picture by Esko Kilpi)

HSS values:

  • Passion for sailing
  • Active participation and togetherness
  • Valuing and developing sailing an seamanship skills
  • Respect, encouragement and kindness in everything we do
  • Cherishing our legacy and renewal at the same time
  • Taking initiative in Finland and internationally

Video: HSS is an active sail race club - A summary of the Racing Program for our 120th celebratory season 2013, By Petteri Backman/TV4 Merimaili