HSS - A Short History

Helsingfors Segelsällskap r.f. (HSS) is the second oldest yacht club in Helsinki, established in 1893. The club was initiated by members of Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK, est. 1861) who wanted to make competitive sailing accessible for the rapidly expanding middle class in Helsinki and who did not gain membership at NJK for social or economic reasons. In the the daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet there was a classified advertisement titled "Sailors Ohoy!" in September 1893 urging new members to join the club. 

Picture The olf clubhouse of HSS that burned down in 1947

The birthday of the club is officialy January 7th 1893 because at that date the russian governor general Fjodor Heiden ratified the rules of the club. The first commodores were also active members of NJK. Alvar Verving served as commodore for a year only and was succeded by Anton Moberg who really laid the foundation for the club during his years 1894-1899. During the first year HSS had a membership of 65 with 19 boats in the register. The first woman became member in 1897. The club organized four races during the first season. On the second NJK started participating in HSS regattas and 12 NJK boats  were on the starting line in 1894. 


Picture: Busy after-sail activities in 1902. Uunisaari ja Kaivopuisto in the background.

HSS was soon to be the dominant club in smaller keel-boat classes. The famous boats from the early years were Elinda, owned by Karl Nordblad and the legendary Uno, owned by V. Lindholm and Bisquit owned by Gunnear Hjelt. It took almost forty years befor junior sailing became established at HSS. In 1932 three "Ving"-boats were aquired for sailors under 18 years of age.

Picture: The popular Hai-boat (Shark) was initiated by HSS Commodore Erik Nummelin and costructed by Gunnar L. Stenbäck in 1930.

Picture: The Merisatama harbour in 1913 seen from the Helsinki shore. HSS early clubhouse and boatyards can be seen in the bacground.

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