Ground rules

The HSS junior activities are based on common ground rules, which all agree to follow:

Common principles

  • The sailor must act in accordance with the agreed upon rules.

  • Repeated infringements are reported to the guardian(s) and the head of the junior committee.

  • Repeated infringements may lead to a temporary or permanent removal from the group.


  • The trainings arranged by the club are mainly organized in training groups.

  • The sailor is invited  to a training group based on age, skill and ambition.

  • The group selection is made by the coach-organization, after witch the group transfer is agreed upon with the sailor and his/her guardian(s).

  • The coach is responsible for the training-sessions.

  • Participation in your own group is done regularly. Motivated abscence is discussed with the coach in advance.

  • Training-session are attended and departed on the agreed upon time.

  • Sign-ins must be done in advance through the Nimenhuuto.


  • Safety on training-sessions in the highest priority.

  • The participating sailor is not afraid of the water, and dares to dip his/her head under the water.

  • Wearing a life-vest is compulsory both on the pier and on the water.

  • Going out on the water is done only with the coaches permission.

  • Going to the training-area is done as a group. The instructors intsructions are followed carefully when out on the water.

The dinghy and the equipment

  • The clubs equipment is used on the beginners-course. Treat it as your own as instructed by the instructor.

  • Every child is responsible for the equipment in his/her use.

  • To the sailors responsibilities include rigging the dhingy, and un-rigging the dhingy as per the instructors instructions.

  • Parents and guardians can help inexperienced sailors as per the instructors instructions. In this situation help is given to the whole team, not only your own child.

The joy of sailing

  • We are mutually responsible that everybody has fun. The group morale can be influenced through own behavior and give the basis for a successful training-session.

Within the clubs activities I shall:

  • Obey the coaches, instructors and the person responsible.

  • Be friendly against other sailors, coaches and parents/guardians. I will not bully nor discriminate anybody. If I see someone get bullied or discriminated, I will do something about it and inform an adult.

  • I do not curse.

  • I am not physically violent, not even as a jest.

  • I am encouraging towards other sailors.

  • I sail fairly.

  • I represent the club positively.

On the clubs events shall we coaches and parents/guardians:

  • Follow the clubs common ground rules.

  • We parents/guardians participate in the training-sessions only as agreed upon, and as per the instructors instructions.

  • We are mutually responsible for every child, encourage and aid everyone equally. We demand that every child follows the rules and see to that it is done in a constructive way.

  • We participate and take responsibility according to what we can. Juniorsailing is a family activity with a basis in voluntary work, we value everyones contribution and also show it.

  • We openly contact the instructors or the juniorcoordinator in case of a conlict, both between children and parents/guardians.

  • We represent the club positively. We do not exceed moderate alcohol consumption at the clubs activities. Each and every one of us is responsible for that everybody has a fun time, the children, parnets/guardians and the instructors.